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It is our mission to provide ultimate comfort, to make our guests feel at home and welcomed with incomparable hospitality. It is our  commitment to provide genuine excellent service.

Our vision is to share the beauty of the Philippines as we continue to expand and contribute in promoting these hidden gems. Vela will put its mark on our different islands. The vision to make the Vela name reach further heights with a promise of the same excellent personalized service that we have started with.




A family that travels together, discovers wonders and builds inspirational dreams together. At least this is true for our family.


This is our story.


Our family came to Coron, Palawan as part of yet another holiday. The uniquely raw beauty of its islands, its rich culture and warm hospitable people fondly grew on us and soon blossomed into a longing to experience it again. And in that longing we developed our love for Coron and its people. When we love something, we must share that love!

Soon, we were on the drawing board and making plans to build our happy place in Coron. We found our perfect spot for our row of vacation homes - at the slope by the foothills of Mount Tapyas. A look up & there might just be a view of the Vela constellation.


Plans became reality (with some bumps along the way, unavoidable & expected perhaps for this is our first venture in the travel - accommodations industry).


And here we are now ready to welcome and hopefully infect you with the same love and appreciation we found in this island paradise.

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