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What's Nearby?

Location is an important factor in deciding where to stay - lucky for you, Vela Terraces is at a perfect location! 

Far enough from the noise for some peace and quiet and about 5 minutes away from the center of Coron Town.

150 meters away from Vela Terraces.

Spartan's is a well-equipped gym where you can burn off some calories from eating good food during your stay with us! Open from 8 AM to 9 PM (Mondays-Saturdays).


280 meters away from Vela Terraces.

A fast food staple, no matter where you are from! Perfect for a quick bite after a tour or a midnight snack.


280 meters away from Vela Terraces.

A 24-hour drugstore and convenience store for your urgent essentials. Easily accessible from the hotel


BDO Bank and ATM

300 meters away from Vela Terraces

For your banking needs like cash withdrawal and foreign exchange
Main bank is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. Atm available daily, 24 hours


500 meters away from Vela Terraces

A one-stop shop for souvenirs. It has the popular cashew of Coron and many other delicacies.


600 meters away from Vela Terraces

One of the top dive centers in Coron. A reliable shop for your diving needs.


900 meters away from Vela Terraces

Access point to the steps of Mt. Tapyas, one of the tourist spots in Coron Town. An early morning or a late afternoon climb to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and mesmerizing sunset as part of your stay.


1km away from Vela Terraces

A place to unwind after a busy day of activities. Have some drinks and enjoy the music of a live band to cap your night. Find more here from the famous Coron Brewhouse to the tasty ice cream at Follow Your Taste.


This is where the adventure of island hopping begins and ends. Bustling area filled with boats and vendors.


5.5km away from Vela Terraces

Recommended for those coming from a day of island hopping. A dip in the hot water coming from the mountain will help soothe tired muscles.
Open daily from 8am-8pm.

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